Promoted by AOV Group, having a turn over exceeding USD 50 million, AOV Exports Pvt.Ltd, is an authentic processor and exporter of “Halal” meat across the globe. The Promoters of the company are having more than 20 years experience in processing and export of frozen Buffalo Meat from India to UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Vietnam, Thailand, Eygpt, Algeria, CIS Countries, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia etc.


  • Frozen Edible Offal’s
  • Frozen Meat including the Hindquarter cuts such as Topside, Silverside, Thick Flank, Rump steak, Tenderloin and Striploin.
  • Frozen Meat including the Forequarter cuts such as Blade, Cube Roll, Chuck Tender, Brisket PE, Brisket NE and Shank Meat.

Meat Products

  • Blade

  • Brisket

  • Chuck

  • Cube Roll

  • Rump Steak

  • Silver Side

  • Slices

  • Striploin

  • Tenderloin

  • Thick Flank

  • Top Side

  • Whole FQ